Chiropractor in Melrose, Southern Flinders Ranges

Angelo Fazzalari is a modern, experienced and vibrant Chiropractor and can be found at Melrose in the beautiful Southern Flinders Ranges. His practice has been built for the health conscious and active patients who love living life to its full potential.

Angelo is caring and passionate about what he does and is highly skilled with up to date knowledge and expertise in the field of Chiropractic. He will deliver a diverse variety of skills and firmly believes that the treatment should not only be helpful, but also cost effective. The treatment is designed specifically to the needs and care of the individual.

Angelo has a strong emphasis on injury prevention and rehabilitation. This is done by tailoring exercise programs unique and specific to the patients’ condition, general health and age.

He welcomes families, athletes and people of all ages and is committed to helping you improve your health quickly and efficiently inspiring you and strengthening you to reach your true potential.

We aim to get you better, and to stay better!