What is Chiropractic?

We provide Chiropractic care which is effective, safe, honest and comfortable specialising in the treatment of conditions of the spine and nervous system, muscles of the body and for sports and other injuries. Our university trained practitioner is passionate about what he does and has many years of experience. He is constantly learning and updating techniques to keep well up to level on the latest in developments within the profession. Importantly, he pays attention and listens to you.

Many people come to us initially due to back and neck related issues, but we also pride ourselves on how many people continue with us because they feel great and continue to have treatment with their families visiting for regular care also. Other patients are referred to us by GPs, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Podiatrists, Coaches and many more. Chiropractic is complementary to all these other professions and we are proud to be the choice of so many. We have a firm belief that you should receive the best care for your condition, and so we work closely with these health professionals that ultimately compliment your care.

We love sport and wellbeing and are increasingly seeing new patients who understand that proper alignment is a key to top level performance. Many professional teams and athletes have Chiropractors with them to ensure they stay balanced and at full strength in training and competition.

Your first Chiropractic consultation

Our approach for each patient is very specific to their condition and involves the following:

  1. A diagnosis and treatment of the problem, and importantly, to address the underlying cause by initially taking a complete medical history and performing a careful and thorough neurological and musculoskeletal examination. After this process, we spend time to educate you on how your problem occurred and how to care for it immediately.
  2. Usually at this point, and assuming no further investigation is required, a gentle, safe and effective treatment will occur. The treatment of choice is wide and varied, depending on your condition, but imperatively based on the latest evidence based practice methods.
  3. After treatment, we teach you how to carefully manage the problem while it is healing along with up to date health and nutrition advice so you can continue along your normal life activities and training programs with minimal pain.
  4. As your treatment plan progresses over the coming weeks, we prescribe you with a recovery and rehabilitation plan so the problem can be healed quicker and prevented from returning in future. This includes advice on lifestyle modifications, exercise prescription and important dietary changes.

All this to help you move well, think well, and be healthier for longer.

Some of the more frequent problems we encounter include