Hi, my name is Angelo Fazzalari.

Angelo-FazzalariHaving been born and raised in Henley Beach, South Australia, Spine Align has been a vision of mine since completing 6 years of training at Macquarie University, Sydney achieving an Exercise and Sports Science Degree and a Master of Chiropractic. Due to my passion for the outdoors and keen desire to contribute economically within a sustainable country community I began consulting in beautiful Melrose in the Southern Flinders Ranges. It’s been humbling and rewarding offering my service to the local community and witnessing the health benefits they achieve.

I work with local families, children and sports people whilst broadening my scope of practice learning many different expert techniques. Some of these techniques I am proficient in include manual manipulation, exercise prescription, low force Chiropractic techniques, soft tissue therapies, western acupuncture and dry needling, Kinesio taping, and other sports injury modalities.

I have a keen interest in health, fitness and nutrition and am driven to not only correctly diagnose your problem and treat the symptoms, but to understand the cause of it and to clearly and carefully educate you of your problem and how to prevent it from happening in future. I don’t only treat back and neck pain but in fact address all pain related to the spine, pelvis, nervous system and all joints and muscles of the body.

I describe myself as an interactive passionate Chiropractor with a focus on rehabilitation exercises, so I’ll watch and assess how you walk or run and you’ll often see me rolling on the floor demonstrating exercises to you. Mostly, I love working with patients who want to get better quickly and take responsibility and willingness to be active in their care.

So, if you don’t see me trail running around the Southern Flinders or mountain biking cross country trails in Melrose, I’ll look forward to seeing you in my practice soon.

To find out more of how Angelo can help you phone him on 0410 513 244 or email angelo@